Dallas Technology Group uses interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive understanding of client's problem. ​Before we agree to consider on the duty of handling a project, we make sure there is a fine sponsorship, and that we have adequate funding to complete the project. We obtain a project description from our client; review the description and scope of the project to learn that all requirements and deliverables are adequately defined.


  • We identify sources, technologies, and processes to solve your problem.
  • Document project scope​
  • Set objectives and client’s requirements 
  • ​Identify outputs (Deliverabels) ​Form project team
  • Compile time lines and dependencies
  • Identify resource requirements
  • ​Prepare budget, charter and submit project proposal


Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish. ​ ​When the project is approved, the project team proceeds with the content design and with the procurements needed to implement the project.


We monitor Key project Performance at weekly intervals, adjusting strategies as needed. Using the planned reporting methods, the implementation team monitors the project and reports on its status to appropriate interested parties at designated project milestones. Measurements of interim results may also be communicated to interested parties. The implementation team makes any course corrections and trade–offs that may be necessary and are approved.

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