The laboratory is intended for:

  • AC withstands voltage tests up to 300 kV, maximum current 1 A,
  • DC withstands voltage tests up to 140 kV, maximum current 11 mA,
  • Lightning impulse voltage tests 1.2/50 μs full and chopped waves up to 935 kV,
  • Switching impulse voltage tests 250/2500 μs full and chopped waves up to 750 kV,
  • Surge arresters testing by current impulse 8/20 μs up to 25 kA
  • Partial discharge measurement with test voltage up to 300 kV and PD level ≤ 3 pC,
  • Research and development of insulating systems of power cables, overhead lines, transformers, switches apparatus and switchgears.
  • Diagnostics equipment:

  • OT 248 T Digital Operating Terminal
  • Maximum charging voltage and primary current measurement of AC test system,
  • Setting of automatic sequences of withstands voltage tests and visualization and recording of tests parameters.
  • HiAS 743-2 Digital Impulse Analyzing System
  • 2 measuring channels with 120 MS/s sampling rate and 12 bit resolution for impulse voltages and currents measurement,
  • Automatic evaluation of all common impulse shapes and their parameters with total measurement uncertainty 1.5% in voltage and current measuring and 2.5% in time measuring.
  • DDX8003 Digital PD Detector with Pulse Discrimination
  • PD measurement with resolution 9 bit, PD phase resolution 0.35 degree, time resolution 12.5 ns,
  • pulse discrimination of interference noise,
  • PD site location for power cables.

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